Park Ridge Free Methodist Church

Pastor Merry Kendall

Senior Pastor

Merry Kendall was appointed as Lead Pastor of Park Ridge FMC in October 2020. Originally from Rochester, Merry served local churches for 15 years in Central FL, 4 years in Central PA, and 2 years in Western NY before making her way to Park Ridge. She has served in a variety of pastoral roles and developed a passion for the least, the last, and the lost while she ministered in local jails and homeless ministries.

Personally, Merry loves to read, shop farmer’s markets, and cook. She became a widow in October 2000 and has one daughter, Jessica, who is seeking a career in some form of psychology with an emphasis on criminal justice reform. Merry enjoys annual vacations in sunshine and warm weather on any beach – anywhere!

Be ready to be challenged by Pastor Merry. Every program she develops, every team she forms, every curriculum she writes, every class she teaches, and every sermon she preaches is meant to challenge and encourage people to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ!