Park Ridge Free Methodist Church


Children's Ministries


(ages 6 weeks- 3 years*)

A caring staff is here to care for and show God’s love to little ones while parents worship and learn. A safe environment allows for play, stories and song that enable even the youngest to experience God’s love at church.

We have a private nursing/sleeping room and we stock extra diapers, wipes and baby outfits for emergencies. Only parents/guardians are allowed to sign-in/out their children.


(PreK/K group for ages 3-5*, Elementary group for 1st-5th grade)

After Combined Praise & Worship time kids head to their respective classes for their own prayer time and lesson time reinforced by interactive activities, songs, object lessons and projects. Kids get the opportunity to learn God’s life lessons in a way they can remember and understand, as well as getting to pray together for the issues that concern them the most. PreK/K group still has a short play time and snack to accommodate friendship development and attention span.

*As all children develop at different rates, we invite parents of 3 year olds to work with teachers to decide whether the Nursery or Children’s Church is the best place for their child. Children are welcome to ‘move up’ in the middle of the year.


Available for ALL ages

Younger ones experience basic lesson’s about God’s love and other Bible stories, while older children really get “hands-on” learning with the energetic “Hands On Bible” Curriculum. Physical object lessons, crafts and stories all help to communicate God’s truth and love.

Kid’s Praise Days and TOTS Praise alternates with Sunday School. Through Kid’s and TOTS Praise we are Learning to Praise God Every Day, Many Ways ~ Using Prayer, Drama, Singing & Instruments.


Grades K-5, care also available for younger ages
September – May

WNKC is an energetic mix of learning and fun. Game Time, Lesson Time and Team Time all work together to help each kid learn the Key Point of the Week.

How does it work?
Game Time provides an active way to build relationships and get kids thinking. Lesson time shares the exciting Bible adventures. Team time lets us split into small, age-appropriate groups for discussion, more relationship building, help with Bible Memory Verses and prizes.

WNKC combines lessons that walk through the Bible with motivating patches that kids earn for their projects and Bible memorization, proudly displayed on their sashes.

Extra Fun!

Fun nights such as the Harvest Party, Christmas Craft & Movie Night, and a trip to Adventure Landing.

Come see how Joyful learning God’s Word can be!


We have ‘well-child’ care at Park Ridge Free Methodist Church. Please refrain from bringing your child if she/he has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: Fever, non-clear Runny Nose, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Rash (other than diaper) or Open Sores. This will enable us to promote the health and safety of all the children and workers we serve.

CrossRoads Ministries

Crossroads is a Junior High ministry (grades 6th-8th) that focuses on teaching God’s word in a crucially important developmental time for many kids. The focus of this ministry is to give the students a foundation in God’s word that will help them through many of their problems.

A common misconception by adults, is that many feel the problems of junior high students are not significant or large issues. Our goal is to be there for the students and let them know that we care, but more importantly God is there for them as well.

There are many opportunities and activities that help the students to grow and fellowship with other peers. Some of the activities include:

  • Service Projects
  • Lock-Ins
  • Fall/Winter/Summer Retreats


Chris and Debbie Wolff

Powerhouse Ministries

Powerhouse is a Senior High ministry (grades 9th-12th) that centers its ministry on God’s word. It is by being centered on God’s truth that our students will be able to grow and turn into the young men and women that God wants them to be.

It is recognized that high school and college students are more likely to fall away from their faith. One of the major goals of Powerhouse is to try and prevent that from happening. By sharing God’s love and trying to encourage them, we hope to build up the next generations of God’s children.

There are many opportunities and activities that help the students to grow and fellowship with other peers. Some of the activities include:

  • Service Projects
  • Bi-Weekly Events
  • Winter/Summer Retreats


Lance and Debbie Mitchell
Jason and Jessica Bugajski

Adult Ministries

What is an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)?

An ABF is a place for adults of all ages…

  • To learn to follow Jesus Christ through Bible Study, Prayer and Service
  • To know the love of Jesus Christ through caring friendships built upon spending time together inside and outside class
  • To find a place to belong and to discover God’s place for them in His work

ABF’s are team-led, where study, service, and fellowship are determined by a class leader, a class teacher, and a care leader in keeping with the purpose of Park Ridge Free Methodist Church.

For a schedule and list of ABFs that are currently being offered, please see our weekly schedule.

Other Adult Ministries

Men’s Ministries

Coming soon, opportunities for men to learn, serve, and build relationships together through special events and regular Bible Study.

“Best to Be” Senior Adult Ministries

Senior Adults gather monthly for encouragement, learning, and special entertainment. Watch our bulleting for announcements.

Adult Recreation

Men’s softball and Coed softball from April through August. Other special events and activities occur through the year.