Park Ridge Free Methodist Church

Covid-19 Updates

New Covid-19 Updates

Please remember to do a pre-check of COVID-19 symptoms before coming to the live service. If you have any of the symptoms listed by the CDC, please watch the service online. We have a new automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for you to use when you enter the building.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that vaccinated people would no longer have to wear masks or keep physically distant, with a few exceptions. Governor Cuomo said that New York State would follow the CDC’s recommendations. Genesis Conference Superintendent, Pam Braman, says, “Our churches need to maintain a warm and safe welcome for all who come.  And, we will continue working to bring people together, rather than divide.”

What does this mean for Park Ridge? With the new CDC guidelines, we are making the following adjustments in our policy beginning this Sunday, May 23rd:

  • People who have been vaccinated may go without masks in our facility except during weekday hours when New Day Preschool is in session (Monday – Thursday through June 16th).
  • During worship services, we will offer physically distanced seating to protect those who are not vaccinated.
  • Those who are not vaccinated will need to wear masks when moving around the building, talking, and singing.  You may take them off during other times in worship.
  • People who are working in close proximity with children or youth must wear a mask even if you are vaccinated, out of compassion for our young people who are not yet able to be vaccinated
  • We will operate on the honor system, not checking for proof of vaccination.
  • Everyone is expected to maintain the utmost respect, courtesy, and kindness toward one another, whether or not people are wearing masks or have gotten vaccinated.
Live streams can be viewed on our Facebook and YouTube pages. Remember that once the service airs, you can watch the service at any time on Facebook and YouTube. The links for both are at the top of the page.